White Sand and Stone


Clear negative or old energy from your house and infuse it with peace and wellbeing. 

There is no need to live with negative energy or

negative spirit activity in your house.

This is easily healed and cleared away and replaced with love and blessings. 

White Sand and Stone
Open Doors

Moving into a new home?

If you are moving into a new home, start fresh and clear away the existing energy and fill your house with positive, white light.

Peace in your home

In this session I will come to your house and with the help of my Spirit guides, will find the cause of the disruption or negative activity.


I will then heal and clear this energy with my Spirit team.

Then blessing the entire home, and burning sage to cleanse it, the house will be infused with peace and calm. 

Unlocking Door
Complete house clearing -
on location at your home
Pricing is to homes within 50km of Kaitaia -
travel to other locations can be arranged on request