Over the past 10 years Kim has guided people on how to transform their lives and find the peace and fulfilment that they deserve.


She demystifies intuition and demonstrates it’s practical applications. She is an Intuitive Consultant, Medium, Clairvoyant and Teacher of Spiritual Knowledge.

Welcome to Spiritual Awakening!

When you feel good and in control of your life, everything falls into place. Your health, your job, your personal relationships, your dreams.


When YOU start to treat yourself as important, the world around you will too. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are stuck in a certain way of thinking, attracting the things we don’t need, over and over.


What if you could reverse that and attract the things that you love? What if you could create the life you desire?And it was simple?


Are you ready to have it all?



It's time to tune in to your spiritual self

Highly recommend Kim for anyone seeking clarity balance or direction, regardless of the situation - she is such a gifted coach that always leaves you feeling clear, positive and energized.
I highly recommend Kim as a Spiritual Awakening Coach, she is a very gifted person who I have always felt comfortable with ❤️
There are always times in life when we need a nudge to have the confidence to step into the future. Thank you Kim for the positive words and guidance.
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