Connect to your spiritual Self with
OmniaMaia Spiritual Attunement.  

Enhance your intuition and connection to Spirit.

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Learn how to receive

guidance, healing & messages from your Spirit Guides and loved ones 

with unconditional love

in the comfort of your own home. 

And it's as easy as sitting back and relaxing for 30mins once a week.

After joining OmniaMaia Spiritual Attunement many say they feel a

deeper connection to their spirit guides & intuition.

They understand how to protect themselves with White light and Love.  

By focusing on love and peace -  we can create

 a wave of high vibrational energy in the environment around us,

making a better world for us all.

Tune into your Spiritual Self

Looking for recommendations for a gardener. No lawns, just pruning, weeding, tidying up. T

Universal Light Attunement,

Calming Crystal Connection,

Divine Deep Healing,

Connection to your Spirit Guides and 

 Animal Totems,

Chakra Balancing,




and so much more.

Looking for recommendations for a gardener. No lawns, just pruning, weeding, tidying up. T

Too busy?

Listen to the Attunement sitting or even relaxing in bed.

Do you need

Better sleep?

To be less foggy and have more clarity and focus?

Less stress?

To be more productive?

By starting a routine of connecting to your Spirit Guides

and centering yourself with peace for 30 minutes a week,

you will restore your energy

feel less stressed

 be even more productive.

Start the day with the Attunement and you may feel that you have more energy and clarity.


In the evening you may find you fall into a refreshing deep sleep.

Getting Started


Follow my voice as I direct your thoughts,

taking you on a gentle journey of self discovery and healing.


All you have to do is sit back and relax

  it's that easy. 

Sit or lie in a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed.  


Everyone has a unique experience. We are all different. 

White Sand and Stone

Many people who have joined  

OmniaMaia Spiritual Attunement

say they feel 

a deeper connection to their Spirit Guides

and have received guidance,


and messages. 

They have learned to surround themselves with positive energy and

feel less stressed.

Now more than ever we need to create
peace in the environment
and within ourselves.

Connect to the part of yourself that is love and joy

to find deep relaxation while your body restores its energy.


Join me for the next 

Global Peace Meditation-14.png

Simple Preparation

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

Sit or lie comfortably.

Start to relax by taking slow, deep breaths.

Tell yourself that everything in your life can wait for 30mins

while you recharge and replenish yourself.

You deserve it. 

Accessing the Collective Consciousness 

Scientific studies show that when we focus our positive energy


we create a ripple effect of peace in the surrounding environment.

This means that together we can all be a part of a positive change 

raising the vibration and frequency of the planet and everyone around us.