Connecting you to your loved ones and spirit guides, my spiritual services are tailored to you, answering your questions to bring clarity and peace. 

Feel uplifted and motivated with the guidance to create the life you love.

My spiritual readings are also available by phone or on line via Zoom video call or Facebook Messenger. 

Based in the North Island of New Zealand, I provide 1-2-1 readings, coaching and guidance in person.



I use my gifts of 
mediumship, clairvoyance,  

tarot card reading & psychic intuition,
 to help you find answers & 
make clear decisions.
An uplifting experience that will leave you feeling lighter and able to find clarity.



Most successful people have a life coach.
Someone to guide them and give them specific tools for a happy and whole life.
If you want success in every way - career, relationships, abundance, health - you may need some direction and tools to take control.
You have a choice.


If you are wanting big changes in your health, habits, relationships and in your life CONNECT is for you.
CONNECT is a 2 day programme of transformation. Learn one simple skill and change the code that has been holding you back and keeping you stuck.



Kim has spent the last 16 years guiding and teaching others how to take control of and transform their lives - helping them to find happiness, peace and fulfillment.

She has been communicating with Spirit since an early age, with her gifts developing and aligning to become an experienced 

Intuitive Consultant, Medium, Clairvoyant and Teacher of Spiritual Knowledge. 


What does your future look like? More of the same?

Through Spiritual Readings I channel messages and advice

from your guides and loved ones in spirit.

Positive, uplifting and surrounded with unconditional love.




CONNECT is 2 day programme of transformation.

Find direction, get your life, relationships and soul purpose back on track.

Take control of your life, your health, your emotional well being and see your life off.

Master the art of living in the moment and creating all the abundance you desire. 


What people are saying

Highly recommend Kim.
I met with Kim a couple of weeks ago and had the most mind blowing experience.
I was very sceptical about the spiritual beliefs, but after this wowee, just incredible.
I felt so lost after losing my baby half way through pregnancy.
She helped me connect with his spirit and other family.
I feel so much more at peace and am positive we will go on to get our family.
Can’t thank you enough Kim, I just want to come see you every week now!

We had a reading last week and it was amazing.
Kim has a lovely nature and made our reading very enjoyable.
She had some very specific messages which we could relate to and were specific to us. We wanted to hear from our family from the other side and get some clarity for directions going forward.
We had a very enlightening reading and got what we were looking for.
Was lovely to meet you Kim and would thoroughly recommend you to everyone

Absolutely recommend Kim to anyone who wants guidance. 
She has given me positive tools moving forward.
I was a critic stepping into the reading, but wow she has my full attention now.
Thank you again Kim for your wonderful guidance, light and positive energy...
you definately have a powerful gift

There are always times in life when we need a nudge to have the confidence to step into the future.
Thank you Kim for the positive words and guidance.

I connected with my beautiful mother who has only been gone 2 months.
From experiencing her symptoms,
to connecting and guiding me through changes that will be happening.
I highly recommend Kim.



If you'd prefer to arrange an in person spiritual reading or coaching session - get in touch.. 

Kim will then respond to organise a suitable time

and confirm your booking.