Omnia Mediumship & Tarot Card  Reading

3 Weekend Modules

New Dates For 2022

15-16 January

12-13 February

5-6 March

Develop your unique spiritual gifts


How often do you check in with your Spiritual Self?

Your Intuition, Your Creativity, Your Spirit Guides,

the Infinite Love and  Happiness Inside You.

 How often do you have fun?

With Protection, White Light, Love & Guidance.

Let me show you how to tune into YOU

and have a lot of fun along the way...




Don't put it off any longer! 
You know you have gifts.
Let me show you how to use them.

9am-4pm Saturday & Sunday




How to Read Tarot Cards

How to Read Energy/Seeing Spirit

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Opening & Closing a Reading


Using a Pendulum

Chakra tune up with Crystals

Red Gerbera

15-16 January
10am-4pm Both Days

9am-4pm Saturday & Sunday




Tarot Cards

Reading a photo

House Clearing


1-2-1 Reading

Crystals for Reading, Healing, Scrying & Energising

Orange Tulip

12-13 February
10am-4pm Both Days

9am-4pm Saturday & Sunday




Reversed Tarot Cards

Animal Totems & Pet Readings

Galactic Guides

How to do a Remote Reading

How to use energy and vibration to enhance your life

Accessing the Akashic Records

Yellow Water Lily

4-6 March
10am-4pm Both Days

Tarot Cards.
If you don't already have your own
Tarot Cards,
you will need to purchase a pack.
It is preferable to have Tarot Cards,
not Angel, Oracle, Animal or Fairy Cards.

A Tarot Deck will have the 4 Elements

It will also include
The Minor Arcana 
The Court Cards
The Major Arcana

Throughout the course you will get to know your particular Tarot Card deck. 

These can be purchased online.
Choose a deck you are drawn to.

Omnia Mediumship & Tarot Card Reading
3 Weekend Modules

Was $920


What Others Had to Say

Highly recommend this course if you are wanting to open up to spirituality and readings.


Kim teaches you everything that you are wanting to know and more with utmost respect, support and loving way.

Thank you Kim for starting me in my journey.

I cannot wait for the next course

"My intuition has really been restored and honed and

I have enjoyed the experience immensely.

It has not only confirmed to me all I learnt in previous years but has brought it all together as usable skills in my life giving me such a positive outlook on all I do and want for my future.

Kim is an amazing lady and has so much to offer on so many levels, I know I've made a friend for life

"I cannot recommend it enough.


Kim created an exciting and safe learning space, she was extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey her wisdom in an inspiring and achievable way.


I have left the workshop with a fire in my belly to continue practising both Tarot and Mediumship.


I cannot thank and recommend Kim enough, she is truly a gifted Medium and Spiritual Coach" 

"Thank you so much Kim, it has been an amazing journey!

I really enjoyed the learning and always feel refreshed afterwards.

I love being with like minded people learning and enjoying the time.

I appreciate all the effort you put in to make these courses happen.

Thanks Kim for everything you do." 

"Can highly recommended Kim, she truly speaks from her heart and is passionate as to her teachings.

You are hands on, you will be taught how to do a reading for someone and yourself and how to connect to your spirit guides.

It gave me confidence in myself, and to believe in myself that I could do it, that I can reach the universe, you just have to ask your angels for the guidance !

Thank you so much Kim for the the inspirational workshop it was a wonderful journey!"